Is your manufacturing company stifled by lack of scalability?

Is your manufacturing company stifled by lack of scalability?

the allen difference

By peeling-back the layers of your business systems, Allen CIO provides part-time or interim Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer services focusing on risk management, operational efficiencies and talent development.   

Successful manufacturing companies must be positioned to incorporate best-of-breed technology rapidly. Knowledge is knowing that you cannot know everything about IT, but you’re astute enough to engage a seasoned expert. We leverage our understanding of other manufacturers’ successes to provide the best solutions.

We work primarily with 50-300 mm manufacturing and service companies, and our sweet spot is Private Equity, M&A, rapid growth, and Venture Capital firms.

Are your technology investments making your people more effective,
your business more competitive, and consistently delivering return on investment?

What We Offer

We provide technology oversight and can work with your existing technical team to apply 30 years of best practices toward security, business continuity, documentation, technical systems, help desk and more.

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Our ability to collaborate with anyone in the company allows us a unique perspective on how to solve your business challenges with an appropriate application of technology that focuses on systems, the knowledge to use those systems and Return on Investment.

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One of our favorite “Special Projects” is the development and enablement of a group of Departmental Technology Leaders.  They become champions of technology across the company.  We make Change Management fun and have been told that “we give people a reason to come to work in the morning.”


IT solutions to grow and scale your business.